As a father, I want what every parent wants, for my kids to be happy. Yet in this day in age, monetary happiness is all to easy to come by, all I have to do is buy them a new toy or hand them a smart phone. What we as parents have a hard time doing is instilling deep inner happiness in our kids.  This is hard. It is a marathon. It takes time, a lifetime for that matter. Now to say I  have the answer would be wrong, but I can share a theory. As humans, we disconnect from the world. A world that God created for us.  A world to be a part of. In such a short time we have disconnected from that world and created our own. I believe deep down our soul longs for that world, for that wilderness, that adventure, to explore Gods world and praise Him in it. Our kids are no different. A child changes when in the outdoors, they play in freedom and see life as it is, not as it is displayed. Nature walks are being used as therapy for ADHD children. They say they are noticeably calmer after a short time in the woods. It works for all kids.  Everyday our children’s brains are on stimulation overload. Yet the woods, helps them decompress the way a child was designed to do. To decompress through play. Getting a child outdoors is not about the activity. You don't have to plan much. Pack a few snacks, some water, find a nature area, and go there.  Let them run free till they are ready to go home. To many people over think it. My favorite saying is "camping is simple, just go outside and stay there till morning." When you think about it like that, it really is that simple. There are things you may want to bring for comfort, but truth is, you don't need much to survive one night. For me I hunt. It is as much a part of my family as my last name. Some of my best memories with my dad are in a deer stand or in the woods getting ready for deer season.  I want those same moments with my sons. I want to share my passion with them with hopes that they can find the same peace and happiness in the woods as I do. If nothing else they will get to see The wonders God has created first hand. So go, take them and watch their imagination explode in wonder. 

- Luke Kulbeth