With a grin stretched ear to ear something caught my eye deep in the Colorado backcountry as I settled into my new surrounding, set my tarp, and begin prepping for the evening hunt, but my mind was home reliving that fateful day so many years back. It was the only thing she requested as we rolled down the dirt roads deep into the South Texas brush country. Though she didn't need much, the request was fair, and I was certain I could provide. It was a simple request, an expected request. Nothing out of the ordinary, but she made certain I knew her needs. See, this wasn’t because of past experience, it was because we just began dating. It was just weeks into our relationship, and i decided to bring her out to meet my world, not the world we courted in, my world, one so different from hers. We pulled up to a shack that just weeks prior was filled shin high with scat, trash, and years of soil blowing through the busted up windows. Yet, it was different now, a luxury condo in terms of it's beginning but nothing that resembled anything from her's. Yet to me it was good. New plywood walls, freshly swept floors, and a touch of light powered by the generator hidden just beyond the crooked old fence. It had a wood burning stove, a table, the things we didn't have here at our mountain camp. But it wasn't those things that she requested, it was a private request and yet I didn't quite get it right as she sat on her request in unbearable relief so many years ago.


I may be divorced after posting this story


a pic has surfaced since the original post of the shack