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There is something about a hammock that conjures up the image of complete relaxation, But taking one along on a multiple night stay in the backcountry can present its own challenges. With our recent nights strung between two trees I must say they were quite restful but the conditions we faced played the biggest roll in that comfort. Hot steamy nights under the canopy is where these began their evolution. Humid night, low wind, and high temps allow the hammock shine where most tents, bivys, and some tarps setups fail. First off, hammocks need sturdy trees or post to secure the setup, which begins limiting places for their use (Though with proper gear and training they can be secured to cliff faces, boulders and by other means.) Second, a full set up for all weather conditions (tarp, bug net, insulation) can become just as heavy and volume consuming as a tent. This, along with being wrapped up like a caterpillar waiting for it's wings in stormy conditions can make for lonely hours or days when weathering out a storm. Gear storage becomes another issue, the rain flys/tarp are typically designed for maintaining dryness in the hammock, not so much under it; so storing gear to keep it out of the elements just isn't going to happen. Lastly, when the mercury falls added insulation will be mandatory or specialty bags and quilts will be useful to maintain warmth throughout the night. Though these are things to be noted when planning to use a hammock as a primary shelter. They do have many benefits that can outweigh some of there drawbacks: Quick and Easy setup, changing configuration quickly when conditions do change, and they can be one of the most comfortable shelters you have that accounts for restful nights which lead to feeling refreshed in the morning. So if your choosing a hammock for the first time start with looking at the major brands like eagles nest outfitters (ENO) look at their specs on material, weight, and accessories and use them as a base line to pick the price point that works for you. There are great hammocks out there for budget minded folks all the way to set ups that will run you a couple hundred dollars. One is not necessarily better than the next but they all have there draw backs so do some research or shoot us a message and we will be happy to help!