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Gear List For the Mission Uncharted Survival Race

Gear List For the Mission Uncharted Survival Race

The race is simple, but the choices hard for 30 Miles, 15 Lbs of Gear, food, and water, and 3 days on the Wild Azalea Trail as we embark on a team survival race in Central Louisiana.  

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My Gear list

Kifaru Duplex frame and Apollo pack

Kifaru Para Tarp

Marmot 35 degree down bag

Nemo Sleep Pad

Para cord

Flint and steel



Titanium cup

100 oz Water bladder & water bottle

Garmin Fenix 3 GPS watch

Pocket Knife

Sock (extra)

First aid kit

Iodine Tabs


2 lbs food

Trekking Poles

Luke will be bringing additional gear and food. Water will be scooped up from natural sources along the way to save weight and allow for additional sleep comforts. Sleep is essential to recovery to keep the pace fast and muscles fresh. High calorie to weight foods will fuel our progress.

* We know the trail and the local water sources and understand the risks of starting off with little to no water. This is not recommended to anyone