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The Pecos River

Everything on this river wants to hurt you, cut you, poke you, bite you, and keep you at home. However, come prepared, know you limits, and be respectful, it will open its gates to a world you never knew existed.

If you are planning a trip to the Pecos River please be sure to check out our complete river and trip details over in our Pecos River Trip Plan information page. It has everything you need to get started for your own DIY adventure. We also have video, write ups, and gear list of our past trips here.

#002 - Entering The Elk Woods

#002 - Entering The Elk Woods

Join us around the campfire as we discuss our days on the mountain chasing elk on our first DIY Colorado Elk hunt. 

Mission Uncharted Survival Race Recap

Left to Right (Dan Peirce, Daniel Underbrink, and Luke Kulbeth) Photo by  Mission Uncharted

Left to Right (Dan Peirce, Daniel Underbrink, and Luke Kulbeth) Photo by Mission Uncharted

We completed the trail stage in about 8 1/2 hours, spent the night in the woods, completing three challenges and recovering 5 geocaches each worth an additional 20 min off our total trail time. We came in the fastest but still 2nd to the team that outwitted us in strategy. They collected 10 geocaches, putting them 22 min ahead after tallying the geocaches and ultimately taking first place. Their strategy was flawless in design and they took home a well deserved win.  

Team Times

1st     Glorious Bastards - 16 hours 33 min

2nd   Adventure on - 16 hours 55 min  

3rd    The Backpackers  - 19 hours 29 min

4th    B-Town Devil Dancers - 20 hours 13 min

there were an additional 5 teams  2 did not finish       

On this podcast we travel back home and recap the event, the challenges, the hindsights, and strategy of being successful in the event. 

If you are planning to participate in the Mission Uncharted Survival Race these are some some things to keep in mind

  • This race is for most abilities and the format evens the playing field. Though you may be a strong hiker, strategy will determine your success. The fastest does not always win (See above)
  • Practice your basic survival skills prior to race day. 
  • Have a pace setter each day.
  • Geocaches are important don't pass them up, yet know when to abort searching for them. Some are placed in difficult spots and pursuing them can lead to a net loss of total time.  
  • Day one is the most strategic day of the race. Ask questions to the event coordinators as to the boundaries of the rules.
  • The GPS app they recommend will fuel your success 
  • Gear (see previous Posts)
Left to Right (Dan Peirce, Luke Kulbeth, and Daniel Underbrink)

Left to Right (Dan Peirce, Luke Kulbeth, and Daniel Underbrink)

For more information regarding the events, rules, or to simply register please visit Mission Uncharted's website. This is a stand up organization and I recommend this race to everyone.