In the recent weeks I have been focus on confusing my body, adding new movements, new terrain, reversing old routines and I think yesterday was the first day I really noticed the change for the positive. I completed a 5 mile progressive run that just felt awesome. I was strong from the start and finished feeling rejuvenated. My heart rate and breathing was  controlled and had a great rhythm to it. Days like this is what reenergizes my enthusiasm for my goal. 


Resent consistent changes that that have made a positive impact in my training

  • Weekly Yoga Session 
  • Increased morning water intake pre-coffee/food  to 32oz from 16oz
  • daily meditation 
  • daily green drink
  • Increased the frequency of morning cold showers  
  • added an additional meal to my diet  
  • increased my standing time (not sitting) by 3 hours
  • reduced caffeine intake
  • Focus on new movements and workouts and reduction of routine style workouts . 

Pretty excited I have recorded some of my lowest HRs since I began this journey and see that a sub 50 resting hr rate could be on the horizon befor my event. (Please take into account that 3 years ago my resting HR was almost 100) 


Past workout 7/21/17

5 mile run - 8:35 avg pace 

30 min workout each movement till failure x3 

  • pullups  
  • pushups (straight and inclined)
  • Dumbbell bicep curls
  • calf raises
  • shoulder shrugs
  • dips
  • dumbell bench press