I caught an upper respiratory infection over the July 4th holiday sos it slowed my training goals this week. I began Picking up the pace on Friday and hammered out a few great sessions. 2 months to go before our Elk Hunt. Stadiums today really showed me how little I have been focused on hill training so I am going to have to change up my training some to ensure I develop maximum strength for the daily grind of climbing steep terrain at high elevations. 

My past week training:


6 mile run w/ Avg. HR of 171

30 min Full Body Weighted Circuit 

7/6 - Rest Day


6 Mile run Avg. HR 150


2 Hour run - 1 mile warm up 10.2 mile run

Focused on time on my feet rather than pace or milage 



10 Min Warm up Hike with Pack

30 min Interval training with Weighted Pack on Bleachers

30 Min Interval Training No Pack on Bleachers 


Warm up On trad mill

1 Mile Sprint

45 Min Weight training Upper body

10 Min Core